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Also, just adding a little face paint to any costume makes most toddlers ecstatic. Add a little black cat to make it more witchy. This costume took less than 5 minutes to make. Or are you like me and will end up working on them until a few minutes before the kids go out trick or treating? These will take you minutes to create and will be super comfortable to wear. Some of these are easy to make and others will take a little more work to create. We’re all about having fun this Halloween, so be sure to take a look at our best DIY couples costumes if you and your significant other, or best friend, are in need of dressing-up ideas. Visit the post for even more easy DIY costumes for your baby! What’s more traditional than a baby dressed as a pumpkin for Halloween? To learn more about each one, just click on the Halloween costume name or image and we’ll send you to the page to get the details! We assure you’ll have a lot of fun and that after scrolling through, you can’t wait to get your hands rolling to pull-off these homemade Halloween costumes!

These unique boys and girls gnome costumes get an easy start with items you may already have in the kids’ closets! My kids dress up all year long, so even if it’s no where near Halloween, my crazy projects will get worn at some point. The Bum look is a classic one for Halloween, mostly because it is so very easy to make and costs very little (or nothing at all if you have the supplies on hand). You just need a plain white dress and then add the “dots” by pinning or gluing Styrofoam balls that you have painted various different colors. To dress up plain antlers, mix and match colored flowers and leaves until you perfect your party-ready piece. Once you find the perfect costume, you can order it online and ship it straight to your home or pick it up at your local Party City store. A large circle cut out of flannel or fleece sewn together so that your head, arms, and body can fit through with the cookie centering around your body makes a cute and original costume idea.

Andrew is 7 months old, and we picked this costume for him because this was the only one can fit him in the store! Halloween is less than two months away! These easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids are just what you need to make this fall holiday special! Turn your clothes into these cute zebra and tiger costumes. I love that these are aprons rather than dresses so they go over regular “comfy” clothes. Don’t you love a good DIY, especially when you are last minute? Maybe it’s because I’m a little sentimental that it’s our last “1st Halloween” this year, but I’ve thought up a ton of costume ideas for Miles. I love the thought of no-sew costume but still coming up with a DIY Halloween costume that looks store-bought. That’s how I thought up making him a Charlie Brown costume. The trick to making the dome-shaped hole is to bake the cake in a heat proof bowl.

’s party or trick or treating. Everyone at the Halloween party will know your costume is the latest and greatest in character design! Be sure to hit next below to see all of the rest of these easy costume ideas for your big Halloween party or contest. Even these simple DIY Halloween costumes might be a stretch too far for some of us, so we’ve prepared an additional Halloween treat for you! But since it is Halloween, this is one occasion where it might be appropriate as well to create a scary clown costume if your child is old enough to handle this type of costume. And because I’m sure your little people might want to dress up as Frozen characters this Halloween here’s my favourite Princess Anna costume, that costs less than 20 bucks to make. I’m so happy with how it came out! Cut out holes for your child’s arms and head, leaving the bottom of the box wide open for the legs. Cut out eye and arm holes – you don’t need to be neat if you’re in a hurry, wobbly holes will add to the ghoulish effect! Just attach them to a paper straw, or a wooden skewer and you’re good to go!

So if you’re looking for a costume that’s perfect for your body size, then you’ll find the perfect adult plus size Halloween costume right here at Spirit! My husband and I are huge Lord of the Rings fans, so I knew this would be perfect for our curly haired kiddos! It isn’t tightly curled as so many of the Hobbit hairpieces are in The Lord of the Rings movies by the same director, Peter Jackson. After all, there are so many fun Halloween family activities in October, like visiting haunted houses, carving pumpkins and binging on scary horror movies. Set up easy halloween science experiments and activities for kids. There are some pretty spectacular R2D2 costume ideas out there, but I’m partial to this hand-drawn DIY R2D2 Halloween costume courtesy of Under the Sycamore. I’m sure that once again this year, parents will be caught on the back foot scrabbling around for passable Halloween costumes for kids. I attached a reusable grocery bag handle to the back of the shark so my son could easily hold the shark. Still searching for that perfect, inspired DIY costume? Kids today no longer want to wear the same old superhero costume. This is super fun and can be customized with any “toppings” you want!

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