stormtrooper costume kids

Rope your kid into this seasonal fave. Turn your kid into a magical nanny who descends from the skies (with an umbrella no less!). All you need is a white dress with a black coat, a black hat with flowers tucked in, black boots, a color scarf, and the flying umbrella! Make your gypsy queen costume at home with a long frilled skirt, a white top, a bandana for the head, long dangling earrings, finger rings, bracelets, and necklaces made of beads. You can take white canvas shoes and use washable paint to make rainbow colored shoes as well, instead of buying them.

Make it even more fun by coming up with your own idea or by getting your inspiration from these great do-it-yourself costumes. We’re all about having fun this Halloween, so be sure to take a look at our best DIY couples costumes if you and your significant other, or best friend, are in need of dressing-up ideas. You will, however, need to stitch or sew a little to complete the outfit. Perhaps a little cardboard or paper cut-out crown will complete the look of a Gypsy Queen. Anything Frozen is a hit with the younger set, but Queen Elsa’s latest dress will definitely be popular this Halloween season. You will need a black oversized black sweater (preferably), full sleeved black t-shirt or shirt, black pants, fabric glue, black ribbon, black headband, black marabou, and straightened clothes hangers.

A quick trip to Target will sort you out for everything you need to make all of the add-ons. You can buy a Spy Kids movie costume, or you can make a spy/detective costume for your children at home. When Lulu puts on her ladybug costume, she becomes Ladybug Girl, a superhero whose imagination leads her on all kinds of adventures. To complete this unusual kids’ Halloween costume, you can use black nail polish and eyeliner. Use a tan or dark brown colored cloth to create a headband, the one that goes around the head and put a feather in it. Use face paint to draw whiskers and nose using washable black paint. Glue the sleeve to the straightened hanger and top it with the black marabou.

Grab your toddler’s dungarees and a yellow top and bingo, an easy Halloween costume. All Roald Dahl fans are rejoicing with this costume. I saw a list recently that rated Where the Wild Things Are as the all-time most beloved children’s book, and I wasn’t a bit surprised. Here is a list of animal costumes you can try for your children this year. If your kids are in this phase, then these DIY minion costumes from One Creative Housewife are perfect. For the skirt, cut off the sleeves of the t-shirt and slice off one inch on the sides, diagonally.

Bust through that supply of leftover crafting felt, and add big blue eyes and some fins to a well-used T-shirt. Create slits along the bottom of the skirt (t-shirt) to complete Indian look. Get your kid to look like a Martian this Halloween. A bunny is the cutest little animal that your child can get dressed as for Halloween. A dog costume may not seem as appealing for Halloween, but if you are going for an animal theme this year, why not have a canine in the family? The tiger is a beautiful animal and has an appeal that no other beast has.

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